Do you think Bandra isn’t a place to invest in the real estate? Correct the misconception

Date : 31/Dec/2015

Real estate market has seen several ups and downs in last twenty years, from incredible growth to terrible downfall. The market is volatile indeed and difficult to predict. However, there are a few things that do not change. Places like New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or Bangalore, are always lucrative from a long to medium term perspective. Notably, Mumbai offers several belts that are perpetually profitable. Market sentiments become negative sometimes, and people feel that there is no point in investing, but these places come back with an increased rigor.

Bandra and BKC have faced negative market sentiments multiple times. Every time people feel that property rates are disproportionately high, and there is no point in investing. Even if you have big names involved in the project, people hesitate in putting money. Since they have to spend millions of rupees in booking their “dream home”, there is a big hesitation. When people are pessimistic, they do not put money.

Reputed builders are always trusted

It is a fact that trusted builders like Rustomjee Group Seasons BKC always remain trusted because people believe in their quality. Even if people hesitate for investing in other projects, they feel comfortable while investing in reliable projects like Rustomjee Season BKC Project.

It means one should not make a generalized opinion. Also, there should not be preconceived notions. Investors should read the prospects and understand the quality of construction. Good projects are costlier than others, but they are always safe and rewarding. When you put the money in the right property, each moment is a good time for investment. Otherwise, there is no point in investing.

Good investment gives compounded returns

BKC has been one of the most favorable investment options in the past. Even today also, it is a great place. Even if you invest in Wadhwa Radius BKC Pre launch Project, the gain will be overwhelming. Due to world-class construction quality and ultra-modern amenities, the properties stand distinctly from others.

Investing in such projects gives a return of 15 to 30 percent in five years which is certainly much higher than any of the mutual fund or FD. Moreover, you build an asset in one of the most renowned and outstanding housing societies. People who invested in Wadhwa Radius Bandra East Pre launch project sense the difference in the return on investment.

Property investment is not a mug’s game. You should hit the Bull’s Eye at the right time; that’s it!

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