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Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of Customer Service with a high sense of Integrity, Business Ethics, Transparency and Timely Information so that your investments and home purchases are made in a seamless manner.


Commitment to Service

There are conventional ways of Real Estate Transactions and dealings with Clients. We have thought to move away from the same and provide you with the most important Tools as soon as you become a Member on our website.

Service is what we offer, but with a difference of having the entire information available to you with a few clicks.

Our regularly updated Database with Fresh Pictures, Videos and accurate information with Location Maps etc. guide you through to begin your Home Buying Process.

Our commitment to Great Service and Data Accuracy is what drives Your and Our success.

Benefit from Our Experience and Expertise

Our expertise in the Real Estate Industry in Mumbai with more than 20 Years of Experience and Expertise gives us an edge over Competition and you the benefit of the same.

Process Driven Approach

Any successful business today Demands a very strong process. It is very easy to deviate and cut corners. We have made ourselves a commitment that we will not deviate from Providing Clients the Right Information and Details for which our Team remains committed to strive day after day.


Property Valuation

We all like to know what our property is worth at any given point. However, we often, see a great disparity in prices when in certain locations you have an over supply, the prices tend to be different for both buying and selling.


Being in the real estate business and an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years it has given us a sense of pricing. Because we deal across the city and in micro markets, we get a sense of pricing and a clear understanding of present day conditions with an eye on supply, demand and any other infrastructure impact.


Earlier, the mantra used to be Location, Location, Location but in our humble opinion, we redefine it as Location, Developer and Price in the New Home Segment or Location, Building and Price in the Resale market.


Property valuation is not merely a valuation today but it needs an in-depth study and understanding of the subject matter and relative attributes of taxation, exit load and entry loads. The Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai area have their own Ready Reckoners. These Ready Reckoners are provided by the Government. The Ready Reckoner has details of each property location and a pre-determined value which the Government revises in December end every year. Any buyer cannot buy below this ready reckoner value and the minimum agreement must be above or at par with the government values.
We would be glad to assist you in ascertaining the value of your Property or perhaps do a Portfolio Management for you which will help you take a clearer and informed decision.



Manisha Lifespaces  has over the years become a household name in the real estate business in Mumbai. The Companies expertise in the First Home, New Launches and Investor Investments has given an unparalleled edge in the Mumbai Property Market. A lot of start ups and property broking companies have sprung up, but if you call their  Sales guys after few years, they are long gone. Construction of a property takes 3 to 5 years and we hold your hands through the entire deal and remain connected with you for a longer time.

ManishaLifespaces.com is a website founded, conceptualized and maintained by Mrs. Manisha Thirani & Navin Thirani who has been in the real estate business for more than 20 years today.

Manisha Lifespaces uses technology as its backbone and our Services based business provided our clients with the much needed market intelligence.

Manisha Lifespaces helps you buy a home, lease or resell and re-invest your property with a timely advise from our side has helped many Home Buyers make a good amount of profit in real estate, because “We Understand You”.

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