Dotom Domain

Dotom New launch Dotom Domain Project in Ghatkopar:

Dotom Domain is Designed and dedicated to the kings who command luxury. Dotom Domain is an Ideal for whom elegance comes naturally, and luxury is just a way of life. A personification of the life and lifestyle of modern-day kings, Dotom Domain embodies the elusive experience of living like a king in the concrete jungle. A home for the ordinary and palace for the extraordinary, at Dotom Domain you live just like a king.

The 28 storeyed Dotom Domain takes pride in being one of the tallest towers of Ghatkopar-Mankhurd link road to date. One look at the high and handsome Dotom Domain, and you realize that it is not just another tower, but a history in the making very much close to Express Freeway. For a connoisseur, Dotom Domain offers more than just another lifestyle studded with luxury and grandeur. Dotom Domain also offers a different view of life, especially from the terrace.

With all its amenities perched on the terrace, the feeling of being on top of the world assumes a different definition at Dotom Domain. While sharing those precious moments of joy with family on the terrace, roll your eyes over, and you will be thrilled to see the unlimited expanse of Mumbai's skyline unfolding before your eyes. Before this dramatic feeling sinks in, the revelation that there is nothing between you and the sky above, leaves you spellbound.

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